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(Contra)Postcards - Pack of Three

Contra - antithesis, to understand our lives in a changing world requires a documentation of the many contradictions that we simultaneously hold as true; Our own cognitive dissonance. These artist postcards feature poetry and photography from Architect Derek Russell, from his many travels through the Americas - documenting iconic landscapes that are slowly fading. These postcards subvert the vicarious tropes of exoticism found in traditional souvenirs. Instead, (Contra)Postcards offer a new snapshot of a place, complete with quizzical statements and moral quandaries. 

Each 3-Pack contains randomly selected designs from an array of up to 20 unique designs, some exclusive to the multi-pack.

(Contra)Postcards - Single Postcard

Paper Wasps (Limited Edition Zine)

Print publication.  Over time the landscapes of my childhood have changed, the world I once knew has subsided for another. Looking back, collecting fragments of memory, I search to understand the deepest consequences of my relationship to nature and to my coming of age. To formulate agency in my own narrative, to weave a story into the walls of my chosen home; a nest and a language of my own.

52 pp., risograph printed, mylar, found paper

Official Selection of Re:Imagining Conservation, From the Ground Up at Swale House, Governor’s Island, NYC

Adobe-Style Incense Holder

Handcrafted Adobe style Incense Holder as part of a larger design exploration unpacking the role of the territorialization of the Colorado mesas as it relates to both place and identity. By gently caressing a lit flame, this architectural facsimile describes the important role of vernacular typological home design in mitigating forest fires in the American West. This work intentionally puts in conflict the embodied experience and the textbook canon of a place, where narratives are often omitted or overlooked.